Performance of a wind turbine blade in sandstorms

Full text (subscription required): In arid regions, such as the North Afri

Physiologic Blood Flow is Turbulent

Full text (Open-Access): The pioneering work of J.R. Womersley1 and his cow

In vitro PIV Models of Intracranial Aneurysm

The hemodynamics of intracranial aneurysm (IA) comprise complex phenomena that influence the IA’s growth and rupture risk. I

Quasi-mechanistic blood viscosity model improves aneurysm CFD models

ABSTRACT​[1]​. Cerebral aneurysm is a fatal neurovascular disorder. Computational fluid dynamics simulation of aneurysm ha

Computational fluid dynamics simulations of cerebral aneurysm using Newtonian, power-law and quasi-mechanistic blood viscosity models

ABSTRACT​1​ Cerebral aneurysm is a fatal neurovascular disorder. Computational fluid dynamics simulation of aneurysm haemo

The hemodynamic complexities underlying transient ischemic attacks in early-stage Moyamoya disease: an exploratory CFD study

ABSTRACT​1​ Moyamoya disease (MMD) is a rare cerebro-occlusive disease with unknown etiology that can cause both ischemic

Evidence for non-Newtonian behavior of intracranial blood flow from Doppler ultrasonography measurements

ABSTRACT​1​ Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies of intracranial hemodynamics often use Newtonian viscosity model to

Evaluation criteria for a flameless combustor based on recirculation and mixing

Research Highlights Download Full Text Preliminary evaluation criteria for flameless combustors design is proposed. Reducing t

Revisiting the lid-driven cavity flow problem

Full Text Article: Download here This paper presents a broad account of the lid-driven cavity flow problem which is an impor

Exergy analysis of Garri “2” 180 MW combined cycle power plant

Abstract​[1]​ Recently, one of the major and serious worldly concerns is the limitation of energy resources. Sudan, in spe

Non-Newtonian Eulerian-Eulerian CFD Model for Predicting Wellbore Filter Cake Formation

Abstract​[1]​ During oil wellbore drilling processes, filter cake is formed on the sidewalls of the well hole due to filtr

Large eddy simulation and preliminary modeling of the flow downstream a variable geometry swirler for gas turbine combustors

ABSTRACT​1​ This work presents a novel swirler with variable blade configuration for gas turbine combustors and industrial

CFD insight of the flow dynamics in a novel swirler for gas turbine combustors

ABSTRACT​[1]​ We describe the flow dynamics inside a novel swirler conceptualized for gas turbine combustors. The supreme

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