Aston University

Co-supervised Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Iham Zidan at Aston University from 2015 to 2019 with Dr. Greg Swadener and Dr. Xianghong Ma. The Ph.D. work was focused on modeling debris flow​[1]​, of Saharan sand storms, over wind turbine blade​[2]​s using Lagrangian-Eulerian CFD models.

Joint Publications

  1. 1.
    F. Zidane I, M. Saqr K, Swadener G, Ma X, F. Shehadeh M. COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS STUDY OF DUSTY AIR FLOW OVER NACA 63415 AIRFOIL FOR WIND TURBINE APPLICATIONS. JT [Internet]. 2017 Nov 20; Available from:
  2. 2.
    Zidane IF, Saqr KM, Swadener G, Ma X, Shehadeh MF. On the role of surface roughness in the aerodynamic performance and energy conversion of horizontal wind turbine blades: a review. Int J Energy Res [Internet]. 2016 Jun 22;2054–77. Available from:
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