CFD insight of the flow dynamics in a novel swirler for gas turbine combustors


We describe the flow dynamics inside a novel swirler conceptualized for gas turbine combustors. The supreme advantage in this swirler is the ability to vary the swirl number for the same value of Reynolds number. The significance of such advantage against contemporary configurations, which have constant swirl number, is quite evident at low turbine operating loads. The novel geometry and flow pattern are described in details in the present work. The results of four numerical simulations are presented and discussed to study the central recirculation zone, turbulence intensity, and pressure drop at different swirl numbers. The new concept is deemed to enhance the combustion efficiency because of its ability to adjust the swirl number according to the turbine operating load. The current study reports preliminary results which verify the concept behind the proposed swirler. However, intensive numerical and experimental studies are necessary to be carried out in order to characterize the flow dynamics produced by the novel swirler and its impact on the combustion process.

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    Eldrainy YA, Saqr KM, Aly HS, Jaafar MNM. CFD insight of the flow dynamics in a novel swirler for gas turbine combustors. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer [Internet]. 2009 Nov;936–41. Available from:
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