Evaluation criteria for a flameless combustor based on recirculation and mixing

Research Highlights Download Full Text Preliminary evaluation criteria for flameless combustors design is proposed. Reducing t

Evaluating flameless combustors using CFD

Flameless combustion is a novel combustion mode in which the flame has no visible nor audible signature. It is based on recirc

Improving indoor thermal comfort by using phase change materials: A review

Phase change materials (PCMs) have great potentials to be used in modern building materials to stabilize indoor temperature fl

Affiliate of the African Academy of Science

The AAS Affiliates Programme seeks early and mid-career scientists who demonstrate excellence in their development and applica

Tohoku University

Visiting associate professor at the institute of fluid science (IFS). Conducted basic and translational research on the hemody

Visiting Associate Professor

Institute of Fluid Science (IFS) Tohoku University, JAPAN

Revisiting the lid-driven cavity flow problem

Full Text Article: Download here This paper presents a broad account of the lid-driven cavity flow problem which is an impor

On the role of surface roughness in the aerodynamic performance and energy conversion of horizontal wind turbine blades: a review

Renewable energy is one of the main pillars of sustainable development, especially in developing economies. Increasing energy

University of Strathclyde

Co-supervision of Ph.D. Thesis​[1–3]​ with Dr. Xiao Qing of the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engin

Aston University

Co-supervised Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Iham Zidan at Aston University from 2015 to 2019 with Dr. Greg Swadener and Dr. Xianghong Ma

Exergy analysis of Garri “2” 180 MW combined cycle power plant

Abstract​[1]​ Recently, one of the major and serious worldly concerns is the limitation of energy resources. Sudan, in spe

Non-Newtonian Eulerian-Eulerian CFD Model for Predicting Wellbore Filter Cake Formation

Abstract​[1]​ During oil wellbore drilling processes, filter cake is formed on the sidewalls of the well hole due to filtr

Thermal Engineering and Heat Transfer

CFD is a very important research tool in thermal engineering and heat transfer problems. I have worked in a wide variety of pr

UTM Research Fellowship

Received the distinguished research fellowship of UTM three times from 2013 to 2017. I worked with the High-Speed Reacting Flo

Flow structure and pollutant dispersion in urban street canyons

Abstract​[1]​ As a result of rapid urbanization in numerous cities around the world, the demand for transportation has inc

Co-founder, RCCNB

Research Center for Computational Neurovascular Biomechanics (RCCNB) Alexandria University, Egypt

Effects of hydrogen addition on the structure and pollutant emissions of a turbulent unconfined swirling flame

Visiting Research Fellow

High-Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory (HiREF) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MALAYSIA

Large eddy simulation and preliminary modeling of the flow downstream a variable geometry swirler for gas turbine combustors

ABSTRACT​1​ This work presents a novel swirler with variable blade configuration for gas turbine combustors and industrial

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Thesis title: Aerodynamics and thermochemistry of turbulent confined asymmetric vortex flames Bu

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