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Turbulence is one of the long-standing mysteries of classical mechanics. Despite having a statistical framework that describes the characteristics of most homogenous isotropic turbulent flows, there are many scenarios where turbulence is yet to be characterized and comprehended. Turbulence in physiologic flows in general, and in blood flow in particular, is one of these scenarios. In the human circulatory system, turbulence is present both in physiological and pathological conditions. Turbulence affects vascular remodeling, cellular pathophysiology, as well as transport and reactive phenomena in blood flow. This special issue of Fluids is dedicated to the study of turbulence in blood flow. We are pleased to announce the first call for papers on this important topic. Original research articles, reviews, meta-analyses, and methodological reports that involve the study of turbulence in any problem related to blood flow are welcome. The scope of this Special Issue includes all theoretical, analytical, computational, and experimental works that aim at studying turbulence in blood flow. Studies involving patient-specific analyses in biomedical framework are as important to this Special Issue as studies involving generalized fluid mechanics analyses. Studies reporting the characteristics of transition to turbulence in pulsatile flow are of particular interest to this Special Issue, as this is one of the main challenges in the field. Moreover, studies involving non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, where inertial–viscous interactions in turbulent flow are investigated, are also of particular interest to this Issue. Other aspects like turbulence in particle-laden flows and fluid–structure interactions also form one of the major areas of interest, as most of the biofluids have transport overlayed on them, and they interact with structural anatomy, thereby resulting in enhanced fluid mechanical complexity.

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