Physiologic Blood Flow is Turbulent

Full text (Open-Access): The pioneering work of J.R. Womersley1 and his cow

Guest Editor in Special Issue of FLUIDS

Homepage | Print Flyer Turbulence is one of the long-standing mysteries of classical mechanics. Despite having a statistical f

The hemodynamic complexities underlying transient ischemic attacks in early-stage Moyamoya disease: an exploratory CFD study

ABSTRACT​1​ Moyamoya disease (MMD) is a rare cerebro-occlusive disease with unknown etiology that can cause both ischemic

Cerebrovascular Hemodynamics

The study of cerebrovascular hemodynamics is vital to better understand life-threatening conditions such as brain aneurysm and

Invited Lecture at JSNET 2018

With a kind a generous invitation from the Japanese Society of Neuroendovascular Therapy (JSNET), I delivered a plenary lectur

Large eddy simulation and preliminary modeling of the flow downstream a variable geometry swirler for gas turbine combustors

ABSTRACT​1​ This work presents a novel swirler with variable blade configuration for gas turbine combustors and industrial

Turbulent Combustion

I worked on turbulent combustion modeling using CFD at the High-Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory (HiREF) of UTM, Malaysia. I der

Effect of free stream turbulence on NOx and soot formation in turbulent diffusion CH4-air flames

CFD insight of the flow dynamics in a novel swirler for gas turbine combustors

ABSTRACT​[1]​ We describe the flow dynamics inside a novel swirler conceptualized for gas turbine combustors. The supreme

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